All Points and LOGNET Team Provide Training FMxC2 Conference

Recently, All Points’s contractor partner, Mission Innovate, led in-person user training for all USAF components (Active, Guard, and Reserve) involved in Field Maintenance Command and Control (FMxC2). This event, titled the FMxC2 User’s Conference, was an “invitation only” training event to train users of the software and was held at the NCED Conference Center and Hotel in Norman, Oklahoma. Aircraft maintainers from around the world attended since all aircraft will be using this application eventually.

A variety of trainers led the event. AJ McMichael led a standing-room only training session with users of the application. Greg Stauber led a conversation about virtual forms in the paperless maintenance mission. Penny Young, the event coordinator,  led a session on how to enroll their unit in the mandatory classes.

For two hours, 2Rs and 2As reviewed together site and screen navigation, navigation short cuts, dos and don’ts, documentation, user manual updates, error message interpretation and corrections, and available resources for daily support from the FMxC2 team. One of the 2R attendees, who uses the software daily, stated twice, “This is so eye-opening.”

 The value of in-person training is not replicated in any other type of forum,” shared Stephanie Sherby, EdD, who attended the conference in support of the training. “The entire AMC/A4, A4P team-contractors, government employees and civilians – create such a dynamic learning environment.”

The conference included sessions led by DISA and the AMC/A4 as well. AMC/A4 invests in the FMxC2 users all year long by providing this annual in-person training format, monthly onsite/ base unit level  training around the world, and nearly 24/7 online and telephone support.

Thanks to all of the trainers and staff who put on this year’s conference, and to all of the people who attended. One attendee summed up the success of this year’s event saying, “What I just learned  was worth the trip.”