Modeling & Simulation

Our low- and high-fidelity computer models represent complex technical environments to help optimize designs and operations.

Hardware in the Loop Simulation

Integrated vehicle and flight-to-ground testing are the focus here. We design, construct, and operate HWIL simulations that combine mission hardware with software models and simulation controllers in the following areas:

  • Control System Interfaces
  • Emulated Hardware
  • Flight Hardware Integration and Testing
Modeling & Simulation Photo

Training Simulation

We focus on software models of operational systems designed to train operators, using emulated flight hardware, including:

  • 3- and 6-DOF Training Models
  • GN&C Models
  • Visualization Models
  • Training Modules Design

Simulation Software

All Points’ simulations portray vehicle, subsystem, or element performance and have a proven record of demonstrating successful processes for requirements analysis in the following areas:

  • Subsystem Modeling
  • Model-based Systems Engineering
  • HWIL Integration
  • Ground Flight Integration
  • Real-Time Crew Ops

Component Modeling

Our computer models and simulations are designed to replicate complex technical environments in order to optimize quality and reduce time to market, cost, and risk, using:

  • Numeric Modeling
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Stochastic and Deterministic
  • Simulation Models


EDGE—a real-time 3D graphics rendering package, utilizing Dynamic On-board Ubiquitous Graphics (DOUG) is our tool of choice to develop training realism and visuals, such as:

  • Dynamic Object Modeling
  • Scene Generation
  • Interactive Model Control
  • EDGE and DOUG Graphics Tools