Software Development

Our software development team is appraised at CMMI Dev Level 3 and supports the full software development lifecycle.

Software & Applications Programming

Our Alabama and Florida Software Center of Integration Technical Excellence (CITE) labs have the infrastructure and capacity for complex software development, integration, and testing, including:

  • Administrative Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Engineering Applications
  • Scientific Applications
Software & Applications Programming

Agile Development

Our software experts tailor our approach using the Agile Performance Holarchy. We have expertise in multiple programing languages and platforms, including:

  • Scrum Management
  • Service Requirement and Architecture Definition
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automation Tools

Software Systems Engineering

Our approach is proven to reduce risk, increase quality, and control costs. We deploy our processes within a flexible architecture, utilizing Agile methods to perform:

  • Software Development Lifecycle Tools and Processes
  • Requirements Development and Functional Analysis
  • Software Architecture Development
  • Software Integration and Test

Software Configuration Management

We manage, correlate, update, and report on software configuration item status and monitor supplier performance during functional configuration audits, using:

  • Configuration Identification
  • Configuration Status Accounting
  • Baseline & Change Management
  • Configuration Audits

Real-Time Training Systems Software

We design and develop software for simulation of crew station systems and external environments for flight and ground control training, using:

  • External Environment Models
  • Malfunction Scenarios
  • Crew Station Integration
  • Flight Software Integration

Real-Time Space Flight & Simulation Software

We design and develop software for command and data handling; environmental control and life support; propulsion and engine controllers; guidance, navigation, and control; and cockpit displays, using:

  • Vehicle Management Software
  • Test Lab Integration
  • Software/Avionics Integration
  • Complex Technical Simulations

Software Test, Verification, & Validation

Our comprehensive testing support includes planning, conducting, and coordinating test and verification/validation activities through:

  • Test Planning
  • Unit and Application Testing
  • Independent Software V&V
  • Acceptance Testing