Value-added Reselling, Elevated: A VAR Business Uniquely Backed by Engineering Services & Knowledge

Value-added Reselling, Elevated: A VAR Business Uniquely Backed by Engineering Services & Knowledge

We have grown from a successful Boeing protégé to a prime defense contractor and from logistics consulting to software design and development for NASA, but one thing that has remained a consistent driver of our bold growth for the last 23 years is a steady value-added reseller (VAR) business, our Technology Sales team. VAR Our Technology Sales products are critical for our valued customers, and we can do more to add value to these products, due to our understanding of their implementation and logistical challenges.

Learn what allows our Technology Sales team to take VAR farther for our customers’ success and our own.

A Bigger Picture Approach

VAR is a legitimate end-goal business model for some companies. They are good at establishing relationships, selling, and procuring products. Succeeding as a VAR-only business means just that—having enough purchase orders to remain profitable. Our Technology Sales team is likewise focused on relationships and sales processes, but we are part of a much broader, mature (CMMI-DEV3) technology/service focused organization. As our service experience has grown, especially with regard to IT and software, so has the inherent value of our Technology Sales business—we have worked through many of the same problems facing our clients and can be a trusted partner who takes those lessons learned to the next level. Many other VAR-only competitors do not have (or justifiably need) brick and mortar presences. We assure clients that our unified sales team is just a few doors away from software or electrical engineers and network experts. Moreover, we are able to warehouse, repackage, and check-in products ourselves to ensure accuracy and quality.

Additional Service Capabilities

Although we are humble servants of the market—procuring anything necessary from facemasks to jet engines or complete datacenters—a unique feature of doing business with us is our ability to seamlessly begin putting products to use. From installation, warranty, and maintenance to follow-through on implementation, our capabilities are comprehensive, and our dedication is evident. In recent years, we’ve been proud to offer white-glove service for IT products that we then integrate into client systems. We can go far beyond assembling rote item lists, as we provide clients solutions for projects that need close involvement in procurement, logistics, installation, network design, and implementation phases. For example, on a recent project with Boeing, our team was responsible for coordinating testing and reporting for installed products.

Investment in Quality

Our size allows our Technology Sales team to be forward-thinking. We maintain an ISO 9001D certification, the most advanced and verifiable quality management system of its kind. Because of our aerospace expertise, we maintain an AS9100D certification, allowing us to source fly-away parts and provide quotes for aircraft support. Finally, we use government-certified accounting systems and pipeline tools to maximize efficiency and success.

Vendor Vetting and Review

Our supply chain management system is updated regularly to make sure we are only using vetted vendors. Performance metrics on our suppliers are monitored monthly with regard to a given customer’s standards. Why is this important? Recently, networking and communications equipment from China have been banned because of vulnerabilities. Our Technology Sales team assumes and manages all government terms and conditions, fulfilling federal contracts along the way.

All Points’ business model is unique, because of our Technology Sales team’s capability. We can often come in with better prices for contract work because of the steady revenue, and we can aggressively pursue projects that are aligned with our core competencies. Our Technology Sales team is a source of quick turn cashflow, something lacking for many contractors in the service space. As a result, we are often in a stronger position for lines of credit and present a safe bet for customers or primes needing long-term partners.

Technology Sales is a win for our clients who depend on quality products and a critical part of our ability to grow in a determined direction—toward comprehensive IT, software, and defense excellence. Our Technology Sales team oversees projects across the nation from our Huntsville office. For more information about our Technology Sales team’s capabilities, please contact