All Points Employee Mark Arn Place in Alaska Marathon

August 5, Alaska – All Points Employee Mark Arn Places in Alaska Marathon. Mark Arn, Capture Manager on All Points Business Development team, and his daughter Samantha wanted to do something special together before she left for college, so they decided to run their first full marathon somewhere scenic, ultimately choosing picturesque Juneau, Alaska for their run. Both had only done half marathons previous to this experience, and it was a challenge! Not only were they running twice as far as they’d previously run – marathons cover 26.2 miles — considered a “moderately difficult” run, the course also had several hills to climb along the way. The Arn father and daughter team was up for the challenge, and among a field of 50 marathon and 87 half marathon runners, Mark won the third place medal for his age group with a time 5:49:45 and beat Samantha, whose time was 6:44.58. Congratulations, Mark! Check that one off your bucket list!