All Points Kevin Meng Awarded the MSOC Excellence Award

(L) Kevin Repa and (R) Kevin Meng – Houston, TX, 2020

All Points employee Kevin Meng was recently awarded the MSOC Excellence Award. Kevin played a key role during the competitive procurement, vendor development, and installation of the new Orion downlink video decoder equipment in the MCE and HITE. Kevin supported development of the RFI/RFQ documents including the technical specification requirements and the Statement of Work (SOW). His efforts helped identify a vendor that could meet the requirements for decoding the non-transport stream formatted Orion downlink video with varying frame rates, data rates, and resolutions, and deliver the decoder hardware in time to meet the Artemis-1 Ops need date of early March 2020 for test and simulation.

Kevin worked closely with the MSOC Software Engineering team and the decoder vendor, Vitec, to verify incremental decoder firmware updates using Orion video test data files throughout the decoder development and testing process. Kevin worked with the maintenance team to install the Orion video decoders in early February 2020 and coordinated the transition to the new decoders with our NASA CD customers, MSOC test team, and the Mission Integration team. Kevin deserves significant credit for the successful live video stream testing in the MCE and HITE with the Orion EDL-H lab using the new Vitec decoders, which allowed delivery of the decoders to operations in a timely manner and according to plan. The NASA CD customer expressed great appreciation to Kevin and the MSOC team for successfully implementing the decoder solution and brought to completion a complex two-year development effort to develop and implement a functional commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware solution for processing the Orion downlink video stream.